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Stella and her puppies

January 31, 2024 My name is Stella and I have puppies! Sweet adorable puppies! With puppy breath and soft little puppy squeaks! I love them, but I am so ....

Stella and her puppies2024-01-31T22:17:21-07:00

Gloria’s story

We are very sad to report that the last of Gloria' puppies did pass away. January 22, 2024 Update Gloria here with a little update! I am getting amazing ....

Gloria’s story2024-02-04T13:45:40-07:00

Helping a cat colony

January 18, 2024 A senior lady had been caring for a colony of 15 cats in a small town until one day she stopped coming. She sadly had passed ....

Helping a cat colony2024-01-18T20:00:54-07:00


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