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Please submit your “Look At Me Now” update

If you have adopted an animal from SCARS, please send us a Look at Me Now update. You can provide an update at any time during the life of your pet and more than one is welcome. We sometimes get updates shortly after adoption but we also get them months or even many years later.  All updates are welcome.

Reasons to submit a story

  • Inspire our volunteers. The dogs and cats we rescue live in our homes so our volunteers develop a deep bond with them. Seeing a pet thriving in its forever home is a source of pride and joy for our volunteers. The update you provide gives us the strength to say farewell to a beloved foster at adoption time. Adoption means there is now an opening for the next rescued pet.
  • Encourage others to adopt. When people see how much joy a rescued pet can bring to a family,  it encourages them to adopt. This helps us to reduce the number of unwanted pets in Alberta.

How to submit your story

Please email your story along with one or more images to scars@scarscare.ca. We will add it to this page and share it on our social media sites. Thank you!

Luna (formerly Ishante)

Hello SCARS, Here is a quick update. We changed Ishante’s name to Luna. Here are a few pictures. She still LOVES her feathers and heights, and loves to cuddle up in our hoodies. She is doing well. We love her so much.

Luna (formerly Ishante)2021-03-08T15:38:09-07:00

Bailey (formerly Holly)

Hello SCARS, We adopted Bailey (formerly Holly) almost a year ago from SCARS on April 1st, 2020. From the moment we brought her home, she’s brought so much joy into our lives. She’s quite the character! She’s come such a long way in her first year with us. She

Bailey (formerly Holly)2021-03-08T15:34:28-07:00

Carlo (formerly Hiccup)

Hello SCARS, I wanted to share a happy update on our little guy. Our family adopted Carlo (previously, Hiccup) in January 2019. In just a year, our little guy has turned into a huge part of our family. Not only is he a great dog to have around

Carlo (formerly Hiccup)2021-03-08T15:31:08-07:00

Kelbi (formerly Pearl)

Hello SCARS, This is Kelbi (formerly Pearl) from Bella's litter. She is settling in well. She’s still pretty calm and gentle and is very playful and mostly at late evenings.  She doesn’t like to go on walks and has been on just one with us, but she will go outside as

Kelbi (formerly Pearl)2021-03-08T15:21:21-07:00

Lucy & YoD

Hello SCARS, Both of these dogs are foster fails. On the left is Lucy, now nine, found at a northern dump with four pups in the summer of 2012. She was a very young mom and treated them a bit like squeaky toys. She even busted everyone out of

Lucy & YoD2021-03-05T14:52:45-07:00

Becca (formerly Bexley)

Hello Scars, We just wanted to update SCARS on Becca (was Bexley), adopted February 22nd, 2020. It has been a year now and Becca has settled in very well with us. She has some of the most amusing and, sometimes, frustrating habits. She has a love of rolling

Becca (formerly Bexley)2021-02-25T20:16:24-07:00

Merlin (formerly Winston)

Hello SCARS, We adopted Winston (now named Merlin) and just wanted to share how well he's settling in. This little boy is such a joy to have and brings a smile to our face everyday. Thank you so much for all you do!  

Merlin (formerly Winston)2021-02-25T20:06:29-07:00

Bowser (formerly Guinness)

Hello SCARS, Bowser is fitting it wonderfully! He loves to snuggle his hoomans, but his favourite pastime is playing with his big sister, Ivy. He also likes to try to play with the kitty, Peaches, but she is still annoyed that there are now two dogs. We are

Bowser (formerly Guinness)2021-02-20T13:44:45-07:00

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