Look at me now!

Please submit your “Look At Me Now” update

If you have adopted an animal from SCARS, please send us a Look at Me Now update. You can provide an update at any time during the life of your pet and more than one is welcome. We sometimes get updates shortly after adoption but we also get them months or even many years later.  All updates are welcome.

Reasons to submit a story

  • Inspire our volunteers. The dogs and cats we rescue live in our homes so our volunteers develop a deep bond with them. Seeing a pet thriving in its forever home is a source of pride and joy for our volunteers. The update you provide gives us the strength to say farewell to a beloved foster at adoption time. Adoption means there is now an opening for the next rescued pet.
  • Encourage others to adopt. When people see how much joy a rescued pet can bring to a family,  it encourages them to adopt. This helps us to reduce the number of unwanted pets in Alberta.

How to submit your story

Please email your story along with one or more images to scars@scarscare.ca. We will add it to this page and share it on our social media sites. Thank you!


Hi SCARS, We have an update on Mojo. We adopted this cutie before Christmas and she fits in great. She loves to cuddle and always loves to be around her people. She has no problem telling you off when she doesn't receive enough love and attention. She is perfect.


Rusty (formerly Ryan)

Hi SCARS, This is Rusty (formerly Ryan) who came to us from the home of lovely foster mom, Julie Bayliss. We adopted Rusty and he’s doing awesome. His story as we were told is that he was found in a box on someone’s porch with his big brother. Now

Rusty (formerly Ryan)2019-01-10T20:56:28-07:00

Tesla (formerly Tezi)

Hello SCARS! We rescued little Tezi (now Tesla) just before Christmas and she fits right in. She’s a great little cuddler and loves running around in the backyard with our other dog, Poppy. - Chelsey Hunt    

Tesla (formerly Tezi)2019-01-10T20:40:21-07:00

Lena (formerly Leah)

Hi SCARS! We adopted Lena (formerly Leah) in November 2017. She has been a delightful addition to our family! We had just lost a beloved Mexican rescue and had a big hole in our hearts to fill, which Lena has done. She’s so goofy and sweet. We had a

Lena (formerly Leah)2018-12-29T17:02:35-07:00


Merry Christmas update: Hi SCARS, you might remember me as Diesel, but my human figured out my name is actually Deagòl (from Lord of the Rings). I'm a happy and relaxed dog basically all the time (though my Dad always wants to sleep on my bed... I don't understand



Hi SCARS! I adopted Harriette from SCARS seven years ago. She has moved with me from city to city, and I couldn't be happier to call her family. She is definitely spoiled, and introducing another pet was a bit of a challenge, her only child syndrome and all, but


Sydney (formerly Gypsy)

Hi SCARS, We adopted Sydney one year who today. Her name was Gypsy and she had nine puppies. I just wanted to say thank you and let you know she is doing well. She has come a long way since the day we adopted her and she is an

Sydney (formerly Gypsy)2018-12-20T11:12:06-07:00

Lexie, Meredith, Luna and Max

SCARS focuses on the rescue of cats and dogs in rural areas where there are limited or no options to help homeless pets. Thousands of homeless cats struggle for survival every day in urban and rural areas of Alberta. Rescues like SCARS are contacted everyday with urgent pleas

Lexie, Meredith, Luna and Max2019-02-09T12:36:33-07:00


My parents adopted Abigail in 2015 and she has become a huge part of their lives. They love her very much! When she first came to them she had a broken jaw and orbital bone, was very shy and timid around people, and she was absolutely petrified of getting into



Hi to everyone at SCARS! We wanted to give you a quick update on McCartney. We adopted him 4 1/2 years ago, and he has brought us so much love and joy! Although he has a few scars, he hasn’t let his previous injuries slow him down! He loves