Protect Your Pet: Provide Proper Dental Care

By Nomi Berger Did you know that 80% of dogs and cats over the age of 4 have some form of dental disease? As with people, the main culprit is a build-up of plaque, which eventually hardens into tartar, leading to gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) and periodontal disease.

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Microchipping is a must

By Nomi Berger Millions of dogs go missing each year. Unfortunately, very few of them are ever reunited with their owners. Many of them become and remain strays. Others are taken to pounds or shelters, where they are either adopted out to new homes or, all too often, euthanized.

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Puppy Proofing Is Not Just For Puppies

A puppy-proofed home is a pet-safe home whatever the age of your new dog. Before that first front paw crosses your threshold for the first time, your home must be a health zone not a hazard zone. Be especially attentive to the sensibilities of former puppy mill dogs or

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Forever Home: Now what?

Be an informed adopter and make your new dog’s entry into your world as pleasurable and stress-free as possible. Establish yourself with a vet if you are a first time dog owner before bringing your new dog home, or register your new dog with your established vet. Then apply

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Why Foster a Dog?

By Nomi Berger “Fostering a dog is not a lifetime commitment, it is a commitment to saving a life.” This is the watchword of rescue groups everywhere. To foster a dog is, quite simply, to save that dog’s life. A foster home provides that same dog with a safe,

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Mind Your Canine Manners

The lure of the dog park is inescapable. That wide expanse of lush green grass. Trees and bushes and rocks scattered about. Perhaps a high, wire mesh fence for added security. The scent of freedom in the air. As tempting as the scene may be, it’s wise to ensure

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Making Moving Easier for You and Your Dog

By Nomi Berger Dogs, like humans, are creatures of habit. Once comfortable in their surroundings, they are unnerved by change. And trading a familiar home for an unfamiliar one can cause fearfulness and stress. Unless you, the conscientious dog guardian, plan ahead with all the precision of a successful

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The Joys of Adopting a Senior Dog

By Nomi Berger How many times have we humans heard the expression, “You’re only as old as you feel”? And why is it that some days, despite our actual age, we feel younger than we are, while other days, we feel older, much older? So it is with our

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Dogs and Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD

By Nomi Berger As the days grow darker and shorter, and the thermometer plummets, so does the mood of millions of people living in the Northern Hemisphere. But humans are not the only ones affected by what scientists refer to as Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD. Our dogs –

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February is spay/neuter month: Do your part

By Nomi Berger The problem of pet overpopulation is a global one and requires a solution on a global scale. But like every journey that begins with a single step, this particular journey must begin with every pet owner. Those who do their part and act responsibly by spaying

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