Ticks and Your Pets

By Stephanie Beauvais A SCARS intake named BamBam came into our care with a few hitchhikers on him — ticks! With a seemingly increased amount of tick bites being seen in Alberta, SCARS would like to share some information with you about keeping your pets safe from ticks,

Ticks and Your Pets2020-05-09T16:18:39-06:00

Say cheese! Keep your dog’s smile camera ready

By Nomi Berger We’ve all seen the TV commercial where a group of grinning dogs flash their wide, dentured smiles. We’ve all heard the voice-over warning us that four out of five dogs over the age of three will develop oral care issues. Whether this is true or not,

Say cheese! Keep your dog’s smile camera ready2020-05-09T16:21:14-06:00

Rabbits as pets

Are you considering adopting a rabbit? Rabbits are adorable. They are soft, gentle, quiet, and easy to house train. Much like a cat, they will use a litter box. Rabbits, unlike cats, require supervision in your home. Left to their own devices, they may do things like chew

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Protect Your Pet: Provide Proper Dental Care

By Nomi Berger Did you know that 80% of dogs and cats over the age of 4 have some form of dental disease? As with people, the main culprit is a build-up of plaque, which eventually hardens into tartar, leading to gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) and periodontal disease.

Protect Your Pet: Provide Proper Dental Care2020-05-09T16:25:25-06:00

Pest Alert: Pet Owners Beware

By Nomi Berger With the arrival of summer comes the arrival of two bothersome and potentially lethal pests: fleas and ticks. For each flea found on your cat, there may be scores developing from unseen eggs within your own home. Besides being itchy, flea bites can cause your

Pest Alert: Pet Owners Beware2020-05-09T16:23:09-06:00

Microchipping is a must

By Nomi Berger Millions of dogs go missing each year. Unfortunately, very few of them are ever reunited with their owners. Many of them become and remain strays. Others are taken to pounds or shelters, where they are either adopted out to new homes or, all too often,

Microchipping is a must2020-05-09T16:11:08-06:00

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