Ticks and Your Pets

By Stephanie Beauvais A SCARS intake named BamBam came into our care with a few hitchhikers on him — ticks! With a seemingly increased amount of tick bites being ....

Ticks and Your Pets2020-05-09T16:18:39-06:00

Say cheese! Keep your dog’s smile camera ready

By Nomi Berger We’ve all seen the TV commercial where a group of grinning dogs flash their wide, dentured smiles. We’ve all heard the voice-over warning us that four out ....

Say cheese! Keep your dog’s smile camera ready2020-05-09T16:21:14-06:00

Rabbits as pets

Are you considering adopting a rabbit? Rabbits are adorable. They are soft, gentle, quiet, and easy to house train. Much like a cat, they will use a litter box. ....

Rabbits as pets2021-11-28T12:50:08-07:00


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