Hello SCARS! We adopted Brianna (formerly Baby Girl) only a week ago, and she has come such a long way! At first, she was terrified to go anywhere that was not carpeted. We had put mats down throughout the house to encourage her to roam around, but to no avail. With a little bit of leash work and rewards, Bri confidently now runs around the house on all surfaces. She is an amazing dog that is wonderful with our other two dogs and learns very fast. She makes the cutest little snorts and noises when she is happy or excited and is the biggest cuddler ever! Her tail is always wiggling, and kisses and hugs are always ready for us. She also has the most adorable hop when she is running around outside. On top of her great personality, she already has her favourite spot on the couch as well as in our bed, which is right up by the pillows with her head rested on either of our chests. We knew right away when we met her that she was the one and our hearts could not be fuller. We are beyond lucky that we were able to adopt her. Thank you so much to everyone at SCARS.