Breevo – RIP

We have a very sad update about a dog that was part of our spay-neuter-return program. Breevo was a young, healthy dog that had been spayed by SCARS to reduce the number of unwanted pets in a northern community. We got a frantic call recently from her owner who said Breevo had been hit by a car. We rushed to the community and brought Breevo into the Guardian Veterinary Centre for assessment. Unfortunately, she had a fractured spine and nothing could be done to save her. Because of our relationship with her owner, at least Breevo’s final hours were made as pain-free as possible. In many cases, we are able to provide life-saving veterinary care for dogs like Breevo. SCARS has had many expensive medical cases recently and there are many dogs waiting to come into our care. We really need donations right now as well as adoptions!