Hello SCARS, I have a look at me now update! We adopted Boots (formerly Saturday) back in November 2019. We were looking for a puppy to be a good companion for our older dog that we had for 13 years. We looked for a while on the SCARS website and finally came across Boots, the last of her litter to be adopted. All of her brothers and sisters had been adopted but she had not received an application. She was the smallest and quietest of the litter, and was very timid when we first adopted her. However, it didn’t take long for her to jump out of her shell. She has her quirks for sure, but I wouldn’t trade her for the world. She still needs time with strangers, but once she warms up she is a ray of sunshine. She absolutely loves to play with other dogs at the dog park, which is very opposite to how scared she was of other dogs when we first got her. She loooooves treats and a good belly rub, and one of my favourite things is when she just flops down on her back for belly rubs when you walk in the door. I think Boots is a great example of some dogs just needing a little bit of love to pop out of their shell. She is an amazing girl and has been such a good little sister to our older dog. we are so thankful for SCARS and everything they do!