Bonnie had a broken femur

Hi, I’m Bonnie. A couple of weeks ago my femur was broken and my hip socket was smashed somehow. No one did anything about my injury. It hurt so badly, as you can imagine, but I didn’t have a caring owner to look after me. Dogs live in the moment and I accepted that my life was going to be painful for a while. I got on with it.

By the time I was rescued, my femur had started to heal. It was thickened and shortened and my hip joint wouldn’t work properly. The vets at the Westlock Veterinary Center decided to perform an FHO (femoral head osteotomy) to give me back some function and quality of life. I wanted to know what an FHO was and they told me “it’s a procedure where the head (or ball) of the femur is removed. The remaining part of the femur forms a false joint with the muscles, ligaments, and tendons in the area. Even though this false joint is not as good as a real joint, there is a significant reduction in pain and over 90% return to normal function”.
Pain reduction and normal function??!!! Sign me up!!

So the FHO has been done and I’m ready to head to a foster home. I’ll need rest, rehab and physio but I’m a survivor. Pain free!! Yes! Soon I’ll be available for adoption. That will complete the circle of love that started with someone who cared enough to take me away from a bad situation.

If you would like to help SCARS a little with the cost of my surgery, they would be very happy to receive any amount you can spare. Please donate to SCARS!