Hello SCARS, Here’s an update on me! I’m Blue, they used to call me Uranus. I’ve settled nicely into my home in Edmonton, where I live quite close to the river valley. I can’t wait until I’m old enough to start exploring! For now, I’m still a little cautious of going outside my yard…although I have started to explore my own neighbourhood. So many people and dogs around!

I love to eat…my food, grass, dirt, my toys, leaves, twigs…really anything! My adult teeth have started popping through, so chewing is one of my favourite activities! I have also taken a liking to digging… for whatever reason, my mom and dad try to distract me from digging… which gets me so excited, I zoom around the yard really really fast!

I sleep a lot, although less than when I first came home. I like to cuddle up with my toys in my crate. Sometimes I sleep with my tongue out… I wonder if it’s because I’m missing all of my top front teeth! Every time I wake up, I’m ready for more action! Another of my favourite activities is splashing in the pool on a sunny day! Sometimes I get so excited my whole bum wags!

That’s all for now… I’m off to go play some fetch!