Blaine has a heart murmur

My name is Blaine and I have a story to share. I came to SCARS with my brother Major in the middle of October. I was noticeably smaller than him so my foster mom figured I was the runt of the litter. When the rest of my siblings came days later, we knew that was for sure true. I was the same as all the others in all ways but one, size. I ate as much as them, played as hard as them and enjoyed attention as much as them. Foster mom had no reason to think I was different than my siblings until our first vet visit.

It was at this appointment that we discovered I was “special” in a bad way. When the vet looked me over she listened to my heart. It didn’t sound right. The reason for this was a severe heart murmur. It was so bad that she wouldn’t let me get any vaccinations for fear of stressing out my heart. Foster mom was told to watch for things like loss of appetite or energy and that they would check it again in a month to see if there was any improvement. During that time I was a normal playful kitten. I showed no signs of slowing down.

The time came for our next vet visit. Mom was hoping for good news but we weren’t so lucky. The murmur remained the same and the vet thinks there will not be improvement. This means that eventually I will cross the rainbow bridge due to heart failure. There is no telling how much time I have but I plan to make the most of it. The vet wanted to do a chest x-ray to see what was all going on. Home I went to await yet another appointment. The day came and I spent the whole day at the vet. It wasn’t all bad as I got to play with a little boy for part of it. The x-ray revealed that I have an enlarged heart. It doesn’t look like surgery is an option for me but I am supposed to start on some heart medication to see if that will help me. Unfortunately I will not be able to receive vaccinations nor can I be neutered. I however can still be adopted to a loving home. Whoever chooses me will just need to understand that my time here will be shorter than most cats. I could have weeks, months or even years but one thing is certain, I have a lot of love to give.