Oh my, January 17, 2022 was an incredible day! A wonderful, amazing, brilliant day! What a splendid tribute to Betty White, someone who loved animals with all her heart.
Thanks to all of you who celebrated an icon and in her honor gave to help our furry friends. For SCARS our estimate of your generosity is over $70,000 (as of later in the day on January 18)! The #BettyWhiteChallenge donations continue to come in and over 2,000 people have donated! We are so grateful for this amazing support. We promise it will make the world a better place for so many animals in need. Our rescue dog, Betty White, and her lovely family are tuckered from the excitement of the day. We hope everyone had a peaceful night and we wish all of you much laughter and joy in the days ahead, for Betty’s sake. What a wonderful way to celebrate a life— a life well lived in joy and laughter — to give hope and support to animals in need so those animals can go on to bring joy and laughter to their families! The images are of our cold weather rescue mom and pups named in honour of Betty White! See their story here.