Benny had a terrible neck injury (warning: graphic photos)

I’m Benny. I’m a sweet guy with that classic, lovable lab personality. SCARS got a request to help me after I wandered into some trouble that left me with a gruesome injury. Something cut cleanly and deeply into and around my neck. I am very lucky to have escaped with my life. I’m grateful for the great care I received at the Athabasca Veterinary Services clinic.

My story is a bit unique. When my owner had a heart attack, a well-meaning friend offered to care for me until he recovered. Sadly, that is when I got injured. My owner is now well enough to return home and asked SCARS if he could have me back. We live a cabin in a remote area and I am his best friend and loyal companion. Because I am loved and won’t be returning to the location where I got into trouble, SCARS agreed.

SCARS needs and appreciates donations so they can keep helping injured dogs like me!