Hello  SCARS, We adopted Bella AKA (Shyla) on March 13. She is a beautiful puppy, and it was love at first sight. When we picked her up, we had a long drive home. She cried for her foster mom for a couple minutes when we left Edmonton but then she settled down. Since March, she has not had any accidents in her crate, and only one in the house. She is so smart. We put bells on the door the second day home so she could tell us when she has to go out to do her business, and she picked that up immediately. She loves her home and new parents, but mom is the boss. She listens very well to mom and treats dad as her play friend. Bella has made a lot of puppy friends at the dog park, which we meet everyday in the evening. Her boyfriend is a great Pyrenees that is two months younger, but taller than her. Besides her fluffy bed and her lounger bed, we put blankets on the floor for her. She knows when I say “no” that she needs to listen. At our eating time, as of the second day, she will go lay down until we were finished. She is very happy here in Kamloops, and we love her so much. Next month she gets a life jacket so she can come boating. Thank you SCARS for the hard work you do and the foster parents with their dedication. This is our third dog from SCARS and we would always recommend you.