Hello Scars, We just wanted to update SCARS on Becca (was Bexley), adopted February 22nd, 2020.

It has been a year now and Becca has settled in very well with us. She has some of the most amusing and, sometimes, frustrating habits.

She has a love of rolling in the snow; she will throw herself down on her side and then start paddling around like she is trying to be a toboggan. Even in the coldest weather, she likes to go tobogganing.

If you have to reprimand her for anything, she will immediately hit the floor and display her belly for rubs. Watching TV generally means me in my recliner and Becca on top of me as that is her ‘recliner’. She doesn’t like to go to sleep unless she has had some belly rubs and soft talk. We do call her the Belly Rub Queen.

She gets along with our other two for the most part. She likes to pester them and they let her know when they have had enough, which she does not always respect. When she wants them to play with her, she starts moaning and groaning and then barking. She is a very vocal dog. One of my pet names for her is Whine-aramer.

She has a lot of pet names: Becca Boo, Becca Boozer Doozer, Becca Ecca and Goober.

We had to purchase a puzzle dish to slow down her eating, otherwise she is gasping and choking from eating way too fast.

She loves her food and likes to search for more. We now have a lock for the garbage cupboard and make sure to put everything out of reach if we have to leave the house together. This includes the oven mitts. She can pop up on to the counter tops without taking a run at it and startled me the first time I turned around to see her standing there. We have had to clean paw prints off the top of the stove.

We also had to raise the height of our fencing. She could pop over with no problem, then check out the neighbour’s yards. She never went far, just wanted to see what was going on and have an adventure. Once the fencing was secured, and anything that she could jump on to boost her over the top was removed, she was not happy. She would go all around the edge of the yard moaning and groaning about this.

She is a loving and sweet dog though and we adore her. She loves walks with her dad and brother and sleeping under my desk when I’m on the computer. (In fact she is there right now.)

We are very happy that she came into our lives and we have nothing but praise for her foster mom Andrea. Andrea did wonders for us as we worked on deciding if Becca was right for us. We are so grateful!