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Hello SCARS, My family and I adopted Shadow about six weeks ago and he is settling quite well in his new home. Here are few photos.


Milo (formerly Keane)

Hello SCARS, It’s me, Milo (formerly known as Keane). My mom and dad adopted me about a week ago and boy, has my life changed! I have a new big brother, Tazzy. At first, Tazzy didn’t know what to think of me but my charm was too hard

Milo (formerly Keane)2021-01-21T21:44:55-07:00


Hello SCARS, I wanted to give you all an update, an ugly duckling turned swan story. We adopted a little ratty, malnourished kitten named Grizz from SCARS in late September 2020. Fast forward four months and the difference is astounding! Our Grizz is now flourishing in a loving


Piper (formerly Ritza)

Hello SCARS, it’s me, Ritza! Well, now my name is Piper! Remember, I came into SCARS back in July 2020 with an old pelvic injury that resulted in me needing an FHO surgery at Westlock Vet Center. Well, I lucked out ! One of the staff members at

Piper (formerly Ritza)2021-01-21T21:14:08-07:00


Hello SCARS, Thought we'd take a moment and let you know Bowie has settled in, is well loved by staff, and loves greeting customers as they come into the greenhouse. He's quite the talkative boy and is already telling us what to do. Bowie is a great Ambassador,


Nero (formerly Notch)

Hello SCARS, We adopted Nero (formerly Notch) in September of 2018. He has since grown into an incredible dog, adding so much love and laughter. From his first winter (where he was scared of the snow) to 2020 (where he's enjoyed having most of his people home all

Nero (formerly Notch)2021-01-04T08:55:21-07:00

Zoe (formerly Irma)

Hello SCARS, We would like to give you an update on our puppy, Zoe, adopted September 29, 2020.  She was a member of the Alberta special gang, and formerly known as Irma. She has needed a lot of socializing but she is coming along well, and has started her

Zoe (formerly Irma)2021-01-04T08:46:02-07:00

Dixie (Speck)

Hello SCARS, It’s Dixie (Speck) wishing you all the best of the season. Please stay safe! I have been so busy growing and getting into mischief (which is one of my nicknames) that I thought that I would give you an update. December 13th was my 1st birthday.

Dixie (Speck)2021-01-04T08:41:30-07:00

Prince (formerly Arkady)

Hello SCARS, I wanted to send you an update on our adoption of Arkady, now Prince. From the second we laid eyes on him, we were smitten! He has brought light, laughter and love with his larger than life personality and his insistence on cuddling every minute he

Prince (formerly Arkady)2020-12-28T15:00:46-07:00
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