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Bishop (formerly Boris)

Hello SCARS, This is Bishop, formerly Boris. We got him on May 8, 2020, He was surrendered to SCARS at only five weeks old with his six other siblings. He’s only about eight months old right now, and is almost as big as his big brother Atticus (another

Bishop (formerly Boris)2020-10-13T15:42:28-06:00


Hello SCARS, My husband and I welcomed Ace into our home in November of 2009. He was the best dog we could have ever asked for. I always told people that his biggest downfall was the amount he sheds but if that’s our biggest problem, then we are

Ace – TRIBUTE2020-10-13T15:18:35-06:00


Hello SCARS, I adopted Lana from you about 10 years ago. She is the cuddliest and smartest girl, and has so far led a really full life. She recently was the flower girl at my wedding and did a phenomenal job. She loves hiking and coming to work


Ellie (formerly Elf)

Hello SCARS! I can’t believe it has been FIVE years since we adopted Ellie! We love her so much. Ellie has many nicknames such as Ellie bean, jelly bean, bebe girl, and lil’ peanut. We have taken her on many adventures this year - including a four-day backcountry

Ellie (formerly Elf)2020-10-13T14:47:40-06:00

Siku (formerly Junior)

Hello SCARS, This is my second dog from you. I adopted Penny in November 2010. She is amazing so I decided to adopt another as Penny is now 10 almost 11 years old. Siku is amazing as well. He loves to cuddle, quickly learned to walk on a

Siku (formerly Junior)2020-10-13T14:36:48-06:00


Hello SCARS, I wanted to share photos of Berlioz who I adopted from SCARS a few months ago (May 2020). He hid in my closet for two weeks after I first got him. After I finally brought in my other cat, Nuge, Berli popped out of hiding and

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