Ask the Emergency Veterinarian – Spring Safety

It’s the time of year that we all love, spring! Especially living in Edmonton, we need to enjoy the great weather whenever possible. But we need to enjoy it safely, and that includes our four-legged friends as well!

Spring is always a busy time for Edmonton Veterinarian’s Emergency Clinic. Here are some of the most common seasonal issues we treat during this time of year.

  • Well-meaning people bring in baby hares they think were abandoned. It’s important to know that a mother hare only visits her young a couple times a day to reduce the risk that a predator will find the baby. Therefore, unless the hare is in inherent danger, please leave baby hares where they are!
  • Unfortunately, during this time of year we see a spike in the number of injuries associated with motor vehicular accidents and dog bites. For this reason, always ensure you have full control of your canines. Our feline pets are also not immune to these type of injuries. Strongly consider only allowing your cats outside under supervision with a harness, or keep them inside.
  • Another common illness we see in the spring is associated with moldy garbage and compost. Although the symptoms are variable, we often see gastrointestinal upset and tremors. Always restrict your pet from accessing garbage and compost areas.

Finally, I always encourage clients to take the time to consider obtaining pet insurance. Pet emergencies are emotionally stressful and having financial support during a crisis can provide clients with invaluable peace of mind and help them focus on what is important.

EVEC is open 24/7, 365 days of the year for pet emergencies. EVEC is located at 11104-102 Ave and can be reached at 780-433-9505 , or visit their website at

Have a great spring!

Dr. Christopher Sauvé

Edmonton Veterinarians’ Emergency Clinic