Hello SCARS, I’m Alice and I was adopted from SCARS in November 2017, from Athabasca, and boy has a lot changed since then! A senior rescue (I’m between 8-10), I spent my life outside and was house and car anxious. I was so afraid to walk beyond the front door, but now I love being indoors (and my many beds). I think car rides are fun. I even rocked a family road trip to BC’s wine country two summers ago. My favourite things include walks, treats, being brushed, and I still love the great outdoors – especially trips to the mountains or hanging out in the backyard. Everyone who meets me says I’m the sweetest girl. I’m great with all people and I always share my beds with my best friend and cousin, Billy, a Shih Tzu. A year ago, I had X-rays and I have really bad arthritis, but it’s ok because I have a good vet and I’m on proper medication. As I get older, my walks become shorter but I still get excited for walks (a glimpse of a puppy). If you could see me before being rescued and adopted, you would know exactly what love does for a sweet girl like me. Mom and Dad love me lots and always say that they don’t remember life without me, their Alice.