Hello SCARS, It’s AJ, and LOOK AT ME NOW! October 20th was the one-year anniversary of my adoption by my forever family. I have changed so much in one year. I think I am a pretty cool dog, and super friendly and nice. I don’t mean to brag but I get told a lot that I am so smart, and I do really good in my agility class. I don’t like to fight, but lead with fun and love. I do have a lot of energy and sometimes I annoy my sister dog because I want to play all the time. Thankfully my humans take me for lots of walks, which I love. One of my favourite things to do is go to the dog park and find friends who like to run and play. I am super fast! I love running in and out of the trees and I really love swimming and playing with sticks in the river. Other hobbies of mine include camping, digging in my mom’s garden and lawn, playing tug of war with my big sister dog, and cuddling with all my humans and sister dog. I love to cuddle. My humans say I am too big to be a lap dog, but I don’t care and still try. I am so grateful to SCARS for rescuing me, and to my foster mom Janet for taking good care of me while I was waiting for a forever home. I also want to thank my sister dog who was patient with me when I was a puppy and worked really hard to train me and teach me manners. Life is great!