Monthly Archives: April 2023

Spay-neuter-return dogs

April 27, 2023 This week we were able to assist some animals through our Spay-Neuter-Return (SNR) program! SNR is where we visit partner communities to offer veterinary services. On ....

Spay-neuter-return dogs2023-04-28T09:29:51-06:00

Shelby had ten puppies

April 21, 2023 Update Officially meet Shelby's 10 puppies: Par, OB (outta bounds), Slice, Bogie, Mulligan, Chip, Fore, Bunker, Divot, and Fairway! April 14, 2023 A bystander out on ....

Shelby had ten puppies2023-04-26T11:26:20-06:00


Hello SCARS! My boyfriend and I adopted Tia at your Sherwood Park adoption event on March 26th. We want to share a little update and a few pictures. It ....



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