Monthly Archives: February 2023

Momma Bru had puppies

February 19, 2023 Meet Momma Bru! This sweet momma showed up in someone's yard and decided it was a good place to give birth to 12 puppies! ....

Momma Bru had puppies2023-02-27T10:51:30-07:00


Hello SCARS, We adopted our pup (Bella) from SCARS just this past August and she has been an absolute gem. It saddens me to think that someone didn't care enough ....


Tuna has been rescued

February 1, 2023 Tuna came in to us awfully matted, frozen to the core, ears frost bitten and needing some TLC. We are here for you Tuna,  here’s to ....

Tuna has been rescued2023-02-02T10:53:06-07:00


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