Monthly Archives: September 2022

Esme had 7 puppies

September 29, 2022... What a journey this girl has been on. We first heard about her from the many posts and concerned people who saw her standing in the ....

Esme had 7 puppies2022-10-05T18:30:05-06:00

Cody the parvo pup

September 26, 2022 Update... Good news, Cody is out of the woods! 🎉 He has beat that nasty parvo virus. 👏 He also has an older fractured tibia and ....

Cody the parvo pup2022-10-05T18:30:19-06:00

Gilbert broke his elbows

September 18, 2022 update... 🐾🚑 GILBERT Pup-date 🚑🐾 He’s taking naps, lots of crate rest & trying to just relax after his dual elbow surgery. We are so thankful ....

Gilbert broke his elbows2022-10-05T18:33:24-06:00


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