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Riblet here! I am still learning that I won’t ever have to go hungry again. I am working on my food aggression, but it’ll take time. I have learned ....


New intakes

February 7, 2022 More animals entered our foster homes today!   We are so thankful for the volunteer foster homes who go above and beyond to ensure they feel safe, ....

New intakes2022-02-08T07:49:14-07:00


Feb. 7, 2022... WARNING Graphic Images Ahead! Meet Teddy! He arrived at the vet clinic as an emergency case, with his foot dangling. Sadly, there was nothing that could be ....


Leggos (RIP)

February 4, 2022... SCARS always tries our very best to give each animal their second chance. Consultation with specialists and options for positive outcomes are always the goal. Poor Leggos ....

Leggos (RIP)2022-02-08T07:49:59-07:00

Terry (in memory of)

January 31, 2022... Heartbreaking. Some days animal rescue just shatters your heart into a million little pieces. Skye came into SCARS care with her 7 babies just 5 days ago. ....

Terry (in memory of)2022-02-01T16:57:35-07:00


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