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Hello SCARS, Sprout has definitely become my cat. She is on my leg or lap not long after I sit down. She also started performing kill songs over her ....



Hello SCARS, After a very long time at SCARS, Pete came home in January of this year.  He was very shy, great "Pyr-side-eye" to anyone within sight but has ....



Hello SCARS, I just wanted to share an update on Kira. We adopted her at the end of September. She had a bit of a struggle with our cats ....



December 1 update on Cassie. Hi everyone I wanted to give you an updated on my progress. Do you remember my story? I was found skin and bones, barely clinging ....



Nov 25, 2021 Meet Ernest. He was a stray cat that was brought into Westlock Vet. As you can see just by his face, he had a rough couple weeks. ....


19 New Intakes

Nov 24, 2021 .... 19 Animals! Success is a day where we can make a difference in an animal’s life. 15 stray/owner surrendered animals will have a second chance at ....

19 New Intakes2021-11-25T17:49:00-07:00

Phoebe has parvo

Nov. 24, 2021 Meet PHOEBE ! She is another Parvo Pup that came into us a few days ago. We are sorry we didn’t post an update sooner, but the ....

Phoebe has parvo2021-11-25T17:43:26-07:00

Timber has parvo

Nov 21, 2021 **Another puppy that needs help!** Timber just arrived & sadly has parvo. Parvo is a very contagious virus that can often be fatal if not treated. Parvo ....

Timber has parvo2021-12-18T13:24:16-07:00

Mr. Teddy

Hello SCARS, Here is a photograph of Mr. Teddy. He is incredibly hilarious and such a good cat! He sleeps with me every night. When I don’t go to ....

Mr. Teddy2021-11-22T18:52:43-07:00


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