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An unlikely hero

An unlikely hero. Tynder has been at SCARS for 7 years. Although comfortable with those she knows and comfortable with the animals in the home, she is quiet and fearful ....

An unlikely hero2021-07-19T09:23:02-06:00


Hello SCARS, I just wanted to say thanks for bringing me to my new furever home! I was brought to the Westlock vet centre in December when I was ....



**Warning Graphic Image Ahead ** Kimber came in with her siblings but she had one less eye than them! We aren’t sure how, or why or what type of situation ....


Pom Pom

July 12... Pom Pom the Pomeranian is in need of your help! We aren’t sure what’s causing the swelling but it’s absolutely due to some sort of trauma. We rushed ....

Pom Pom2021-08-29T15:56:38-06:00


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