Monthly Archives: August 2020

Puppy intake

August 26, 2020 - On National Dog day we wanted to feature our newest bundle of puppies! One of these pups was admitted to the vet this week & ....

Puppy intake2020-08-27T07:00:53-06:00

Quill dogs

September 3 update - Do you recognize me?! I am COAL! In just a week with SCARS, I have seen huge strides in my recovery! I am not yet ....

Quill dogs2020-09-03T18:45:22-06:00


Hi! I am Grizz! Let me tell you something - I am thankful for SCARS! I was brought in to Westlock Vet by a lovely person who found me. ....



Hello SCARS, Violet, who was a young mommy (only six pounds) at SCARS, also had four kittens that were adopted through SCARS. She has adapted to our busy household ....



Hi SCARS, We adopted Zen in February and are so happy we did. After losing our cat Mojo at the age of 17 we didn’t know if we would ....



Hi SCARS, My name is Quinlan and I was adopted from SCARS in 2014. My mom kept my name because she loved it. I was found as a young ....



**Warning Graphics Images** *August 22 Hurley update!* This guy is doing fantastic in his foster home & he’s learning the ropes of how to be a good boy!  He ....



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