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Bit by big dog. That is what it says on my veterinary file. But let me tell you it was waaaaay more than a bite, more like mauled, tossed ....



Hi SCARS, We were told Walker was going to be a big boy, but what you didn’t say was that he was going to be a gentle giant. Thank ....


Amiga (formerly Sugar)

Hi Everyone!  This is me (Amiga, formerly Sugar) on my 15th Birthday... 14 years after SCARS helped me find my furever home!  Many grateful licks to all the amazing SCARS peeps... I'm living ....

Amiga (formerly Sugar)2019-11-14T18:09:58-07:00

Lizzie’s story

One dedicated rescuer, two days, two dogs, two different areas of the province - eerily similar symptoms. We will start with Lizzie's story. Lizzie came from a SCARS intake ....

Lizzie’s story2019-11-14T19:00:08-07:00


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