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Tiny Tim & Coco

Hello SCARS. I recently adopted two kittens, Tiny Tim & Coco. They have made themselves at home and love their big brother Eddie (Formerly Tanner) who was adopted from SCARS nearly 8 years ago. Denise Boyle

Tiny Tim & Coco2018-01-29T17:43:10-07:00

Cooper (formerly Fox)

Hi SCARS. Cooper has almost been with us for a year. He is a very smart obedient dog, he enjoys his morning walks and loves all his cat and dog friends. He is the perfect fit for our crazy busy family, we can't imagine our lives without him. We

Cooper (formerly Fox)2018-01-28T15:18:25-07:00

Iris (RIP)

RIP Iris. From her loving foster mom. You got that name because an iris is one of first springtime flowers to appear. I so hoped you would be all better and able to welcome springtime. You were a survivor. How did you get yourself to that home where you

Iris (RIP)2018-01-28T13:31:59-07:00


Hi SCARS, We wanted to share our story! It will be a year in March since we adopted Eli from SCARS. He is such a gentle giant and he just keeps growing - LOL! He will be two in August. He has been a great addition to our family!


Thank you to Champion Petfoods

Thank you to the employees and management at Champion Petfoods for sponsoring SCARS sanctuary dog, Gilbert. Mike & Laurel Cunnington stopped by their Morvinville office for a photo opportunity/cheque presentation. Did you know that Alberta-based Champion is now in over 80 countries! This company also makes regular donations of

Thank you to Champion Petfoods2018-05-19T11:09:40-06:00


Tilly has seen a lot of trauma in her short life. Her initial foster home noticed that she was afraid to interact with the other dogs. She would yelp and cry if they came anywhere near her. Tilly would also cry when she was being fed, almost as if


Eight orphaned puppies

Sometimes the grapevine can be a life line. Our volunteer was called by a lady who knew, through the grapevine, about a woman whose dog had recently had a litter of puppies. The owner thought that the momma dog may have died because her food wasn’t being eaten. Originally

Eight orphaned puppies2018-02-19T18:22:57-07:00

Aurelia’s Birthday Donation

More and more often, kids are donating to charities like SCARS in lieu of getting birthday gifts. When she turned six, Aurelia (Auri) decided there were enough toys around her house. She saw the good life that her own pets have and wanted to help rescued animals. For her

Aurelia’s Birthday Donation2018-01-27T10:21:32-07:00

Max (formerly Rocky Road)

Hi SCARS, I'd like to share my story of adopting Max. When we got him at 8 weeks in December 2017. He was a tiny, happy furball that got into everything! Soon we noticed that he had a rash from the fleas he had prior to SCARS rescuing him.

Max (formerly Rocky Road)2018-01-19T19:25:36-07:00