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Maggie (previously Janis)

We have had Maggie (previously Janis) for over a year now! When we first brought her home she was very anxious when I left the house. But she has warmed up to the rest of the family and now is content to play with her squeaky toys when she

Maggie (previously Janis)2017-12-31T17:49:03-07:00

Rez (formerly Carl/Buster)

Good Morning Wonderful People of SCARS! My Name is Rez (formerly Carl/Buster). SCARS found me in a ditch about 7 years ago and I was the only survivor of my litter. A nice lady from Fort Saskatchewan fostered me until I found and rescued my Dad! SCARS said I

Rez (formerly Carl/Buster)2017-12-31T17:36:20-07:00

Pumpkin (formerly Basil)

Merry Christmas from SCARS dog Pumpkin (on the right, formerly named Basil) and her brother Buzz! Thank you guys so much for what you do, and bringing Pumpkin into our lives. We've had her for a little over 5 years now and she brings us so much happiness each

Pumpkin (formerly Basil)2017-12-24T18:11:43-07:00

PETraits Fundraiser for SCARS

Thank you to talented artist, Justina Smith, for her pet portraits fundraiser for SCARS. Here is her heartfelt description of how the fundraiser went... "To be honest, it was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for me. So many of you shared very detailed and personal stories about your

PETraits Fundraiser for SCARS2017-12-23T17:42:51-07:00

Thank you to F.R. Haythorne Jr High

A huge Thank-you to F.R. Haythorne Jr High in Sherwood Park for this amazing donation! It filled the back of the volunteer's SUV! Each year the students, staff and families of F.R. Haythorne hold a Christmas donation drive to support SCARS. We always look forward to unpacking the treasures

Thank you to F.R. Haythorne Jr High2017-12-23T17:14:14-07:00

Midnight had a serious ear injury

Midnight was brought into SCARS’ care dripping blood from an injured ear. His ear had developed a large hematoma from shaking his head, and blood was splattering everywhere. When that was all cleaned up, the Vets found 3 large lacerations and a smaller one. The bottom one actually had

Midnight had a serious ear injury2018-01-03T19:25:25-07:00

URGENT placement needed for some MOUSE-BUSTERS

URGENT placement needed for some MOUSE-BUSTERS. See ad below. "Seeking Immediate Employment. Proficient mouse population control skills, willing to work as part of a team and require minimal supervision. Looking for remuneration in form of room and board, temporary placement in an enclosed building (like a barn or shop)

URGENT placement needed for some MOUSE-BUSTERS2017-12-21T20:03:34-07:00