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Sako (formerly Saco)

We're so happy that today is Sako's (adopted as Saco) ONE year adoption anniversary. We took her home at around 9 or 10 weeks from foster, Jen. We are so grateful to have her in our life. She has grown from being a tiny fluffy black bear to a

Sako (formerly Saco)2017-11-26T17:26:34-07:00

Our SNR Program in Action

In early November, SCARS got a bit more than we bargained for while returning eight spayed and neutered pets to a community that benefits from our Spay-Neuter-Return program. During one of the stops, we were invited to visit a home that wanted to surrender some kittens. One request quickly

Our SNR Program in Action2017-11-22T15:43:48-07:00

Rex was starving

We brought Rex into our care in mid November at the request of a concerned community member. The three-year-old dog had been passed from owner to owner and, eventually, no one was left who took responsibility for his regular care. Rex was skinny and the coldest part of our

Rex was starving2017-11-19T19:05:30-07:00

Oakley (formerly Shortbread)

Hey SCARS! We’ve had Oakley (formerly shortbread) for just under a year now! He turned 1 year old on November 8th. We want to thank you so much for everything you do! Oakley is the sweetest, smartest puppy who steals everyone’s heart he meets! All you volunteers are so

Oakley (formerly Shortbread)2017-11-19T09:56:41-07:00

Blu (formerly Rotini)

Hey Scars here is Blu (formerly Rotini) from the pasta bunch. We adopted him last mid December so he's been here almost a year. He fits perfectly in our family. Super energetic, let's us know when someone is here, listens (most of the time hehe), and has such a

Blu (formerly Rotini)2017-11-11T18:08:50-07:00

Oakley RIP

Our dog, Oakley, crossed over the rainbow bridge earlier this week. We got Oakley from SCARS 13 years ago. He was the gentlest most loving dog. He got along with all creatures big and small. He was well loved and will be badly missed. Linda and Sonny Kim

Oakley RIP2017-11-11T18:21:35-07:00

Luna (formerly Elluna)

Hi SCARS, Owen and I adopted Luna (Elluna) a month ago. Luna is growing up to be an energetic little goof ball. She loves to tug and chew on everything, especially anything that squeaks! She has quickly become the new fluffy star of our neighbourhood even though she would

Luna (formerly Elluna)2017-11-11T17:39:15-07:00