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Aris – RIP

Hi SCARS. I thought I should let everyone know that Aris passed away during March 2017. She was then BEST dog and I miss her. She came from you guys, and I miss her very  much. She was 13.5 years old, but very healthy except for the tumour on

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Hi SCARS and former foster family, You may not remember me, but you rescued me from the wild a year and a half ago and helped me find my furever home. I wanted to let you know I am doing well and love my home and my family. Mom and dad


Miss Bee

Hi SCARS! Attached is a picture of our angel Miss Bee… We adopted Bee from SCARS in April last year and she has been the light of our life. I thought I would send in a picture of her to show you how truly at home she feels with

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Maggie had broken toes

Meet Maggie. Late on Saturday, September 23, we got word of a small, thin puppy that had a "broken arm." Two young girls took the puppy in until she could be picked up by our volunteer. When Maggie attempted to walk, her right leg would spay out so she'd

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Mija was found by a young boy at a gas station

A young boy found this small puppy, Mija, at the local gas station. She obviously had no home. She was thin and pathetic. She was also very cute and friendly - so he took her home with him. Poor Mija was injured in some way though and she wouldn’t

Mija was found by a young boy at a gas station2017-09-30T14:40:59-06:00

Third Annual Whitecourt Mutt Strut

The third annual Mutt Strut for SCARS was held on September 16 in Whitecourt. The event raised over $6,000 for SCARS. Thank you to Original Joes and Global Pet Foods for organizing this annual 5 km walk about Rotary Park. This year, 100 dogs were registered. There were prizes,

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If you have adopted from SCARS, you know the contract says if you are unable to keep your pet you must return them to SCARS...... 6 weeks, 6 months, or 6 years after adoption we accept then back..... Once a SCARS Animal always a SCARS Animal. Leo here and


2017 Instabox Dog Jog

A group of serious runners, dog owners and both, were welcomed to Lacombe Park on Saturday August 26 for the Instabox Dog Jog for SCARS. In what it is hoped will become an annual event, participants took in a 5K or 10K run/walk, many with dogs to help power

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Look At Me Now Update...Today I'm celebrating my 1st birthday which likely would not have been possible without the amazing and persistent volunteers at SCARS. Because of these volunteers..... my two sisters, mom and I learnt that life under a deck with little human interaction is no life for


Orphaned Kittens

By Kelly Ketchell, SCARS Foster Home Volunteer On August 30/17, SCARS received a phone call from the Westlock Veterinary Centre asking if they could help with four orphaned 10-day old kittens that had been found by some kids behind a grocery store. Such young kittens require round-the-clock care and

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