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Maliha (RIP)

A final update from Maliha’s foster mom, Lorraine Spreadbury…. July 2, 2018: I said goodbye to a friend today. For almost 8 years she has been a part of the SCARS family. She lived each day with joy. Even in the darkest moments her tail never ceased to wag.

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Rosie by hit by a vehicle

I'm Rosie. Luck is a tricky thing is sometimes good, sometimes not so good. You just don’t always know what is coming your way. My recent life has been filled with all kinds of luck. We might as well start with the “not so good” (it gets better from

Rosie by hit by a vehicle2017-08-22T07:50:54-06:00

Alfred had been mauled

Too young to be all alone. Too young to be fighting for his life. But that was the reality for little Alfred when he came into our care on August 11. When he arrived at the vet clinic, he was put on IV pain meds and antibiotics, but his

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Thank you to BMR Greenhouses and Water Gardens Ltd.

BMR Greenhouses held another series of summer charity BBQ's for various charities over the summer. SCARS is lucky enough to be one of the receiving charities! This year BMR Greenhouses raised $1,100 for SCARS! We truly appreciate their generosity! Please support local businesses like this that give back to

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