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Lamont Elementary School Fundraiser

We want to give a giant SCARS thank you to Mrs. Candler’s kindergarten class, from Lamont Elementary School. Following a discussion about vets and caring for animals, the students decided they wanted to do more. They chose to collect items from our wish list and soon enlisted the whole

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Sandy’s story

Sandy is a loving and loyal pup who had a really rough start in life. He was kicked off his owner’s property once he wasn’t a little puppy anymore and was lucky to only lose an ear to a gun. Eventually, Sandy made his way to a nice lady

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Linus (formerly Midas)

May 2017 update –  SCARS was invited to find a rescued dog that could be a stand-in for Leading Aircraftman “Butch” during the official re-opening of the 418 Squadron Gallery at the Alberta Aviation Museum on May 16, 2017. Butch was a rescued dog who was the official mascot

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May 27 update – OK, so a video of a dog peeing usually doesn’t make for good viewing. But, it’s me Gilbert… the dog with bladder problems. Look at how much better I’m doing? Foster mom she says this is most I have gone pee by himself by faaaaar!



Hello SCARS. I wanted to send a quick note about Oscar. I wrote a look at me now update not long after we adopted him in 2014. He was found in a rural dump, underweight and with very bad demodex. We nursed him back to health, fell in love


Rocky was found in a ditch

My name is Rocky. I’m from a rural community with a pet overpopulation problem. I was found in a ditch that was far from any houses. SCARS picked up on May 5/17. I was quite thin and sick so they took me to straight to the vet clinic. I

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Hi SCARS! I am still loving life in my forever home. They let me sleep on the furniture, play with me and I get daily walks –  which is my favorite part of my day, of course, after breakfast and dinner. The vet said they have never seen a


Gretchen (formerly Azalia)

Hi SCARS. My name is Gretchen, formerly Azalia. I was adopted last year in April and I’ve now been with my furever family for one year! The past year has been great. My parents are so pleased with my manners, I know how to sit, stay, come, heel and

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