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Hudson and Opie

Hi SCARS! We adopted Hudson in October 2015 and Opie around March 2016. We had only planned on adopting Hudson because we’ve always had a dog in the family. But Mom has a certain spot in her heart for big dogs with big heads and when Terra sent her

Hudson and Opie2017-03-30T18:58:52-06:00

Ashton had Demodectic Mange

My name is Ashton. The folks at SCARS are wondering how I survived the past winter. I’m suffering from a condition that left me with very little protection from the cold. As you can see, I have bald spots and lots of sores. I ended up a northern pound

Ashton had Demodectic Mange2017-03-29T20:02:39-06:00

Riggins (formerly Jerry)

Hi SCARS! We adopted Jerry (now “Riggins” or “Riggs” for short) last Saturday and wanted to give you an update one week later. He is such a love! We are truly so happy with how perfectly he matches with us. He is loving, playful and very smart. He has

Riggins (formerly Jerry)2017-03-29T18:33:10-06:00

St. Vladimir School Fundraiser

We want to say a huge thank you to the students, families and staff at St. Vladimir School, in Edmonton. For their Lenten project they collected donations, held a bake sale and brought in items from our wish list. They filled a volunteer’s car to the brim and then

St. Vladimir School Fundraiser2017-03-26T15:41:04-06:00

Tasha (formerly Porky)

Here is our 1-year update!! Tasha (Porky) turned a year old today! She is a great family dog who has amazing patience with the kids and is such a welcome addition to our family. I have included a letter my 8-year-old twins wrote to Sylvia. It is too adorable

Tasha (formerly Porky)2017-03-22T10:07:41-06:00

An explanation of the 3 Types of Service Dogs

Periodically we receive adoption requests for therapy or emotion support dogs. Occasionally, trainers will also reach out in search of potential service dogs. There is often some confusion over the differences between the types of support animals. This post and infographic explain the differences and why it is important

An explanation of the 3 Types of Service Dogs2017-12-26T12:58:08-07:00

Toby (formerly Kelso)

It has been 13 months since we adopted Toby (Kelso) from SCARS and needless to say it has been quite the ride. We have been super lucky with the relationship between Toby and our older dog, Abby. They got along the first time they met and now have created

Toby (formerly Kelso)2017-03-20T11:35:35-06:00

She-Ra (formerly Nova)

Hi SCARS! We adopted Nova, now named She-Ra, just over three weeks ago and we couldn’t love her more!! She fits into our home and acreage with our other two dogs, DC and Olivia, like she’s always been here. She loves her new yard, three acres of space to

She-Ra (formerly Nova)2017-03-20T11:38:43-06:00

SCARS Foster Home Orientation and “bonus” Level 1 Dog Handler Training Session – March 16

SCARS needs foster homes! If you think you have room in your heart and home for a dog or puppy, cat or kitten, please join us for a SCARS Foster Home Orientation and Level 1 Dog Handler Training session. Date:  March 16 Time:  6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Location:

SCARS Foster Home Orientation and “bonus” Level 1 Dog Handler Training Session – March 162017-03-15T14:54:34-06:00