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Banjo was hit by a vehicle

Sweet little Banjo. He is a guy with a lot of personality and a will to survive. SCARS visits rural communities to collect owned pets for transport for spay/neuter, and after a period of recovery return to their homes. During a recent visit, we

Banjo was hit by a vehicle2017-03-22T18:13:44-06:00

Maya (formerly Nyla)

Hi SCARS! I wanted to send a quick update/thanks! Just one week ago, Maya (formerly Nyla) came home with me. At first, she was shy and overwhelmed, but that didn’t last long! Now she’s running around, pulling every toy out of the basket and playing with her new pals!

Maya (formerly Nyla)2017-03-20T11:43:13-06:00

Jerry is an abandoned puppy with a birth defect

Hi everyone, I’m Jerry. I’m lucky to be alive and very happy to have ended up with SCARS. Survival odds for a pup that somehow ends up on its own in a rural area during February are low. My first lucky break was finding my way to the home

Jerry is an abandoned puppy with a birth defect2017-03-20T13:55:36-06:00

Maggie (formerly Bumblebee)

Hi SCARS, This is Maggie aka Bumblebee. On Feb. 15, Maggie turned a year old. She is a sweet girl and loves her new family as we love her so much. She started out with a plane ride from Edmonton to Vancouver Island and has never looked back. Maggie

Maggie (formerly Bumblebee)2017-03-20T11:44:29-06:00


Hi SCARS! Buster is now a year old so I thought I’d send you guys an update! For anyone who may not know his story, back when we adopted him last June he had just gone through his first surgery to correct a skeletal deformity. That surgery was unsuccessful


Penny (formerly Daisy)

Hi SCARS, this is Penny (formerly Daisy). Several months ago we lost our wonderful dog, Sadie. She was 12 years old and fought diabetes for three months until she lost the battle. It is a horrible disease and it just about destroyed all of us. I told my wife “that is

Penny (formerly Daisy)2017-03-20T11:48:06-06:00

Brooklen (formerly Will)

Good day, SCARS. Since Brooks has become a part of our family, he has stolen all our hearts. He’s the gentle giant like Fernando the bull. I adopted him in august of 2014 as he was rescued from malnutrition. I had originally adopted Brook to give him a new

Brooklen (formerly Will)2017-03-20T11:49:25-06:00

Lily and Potter

We would like to give an update on two kittens we adopted about a month ago. Lily and Potter are doing amazing and were quickly accepted by our other animals, especially Chloe (the white cat in the picture) who happens to also be adopted from SCARS five years ago.

Lily and Potter2017-03-20T11:50:19-06:00

Monty (formerly Dumont)

Hi SCARS. We wanted to let you know that Monty (formerly Dumont) is doing amazingly well. He’s healthy (going on 60 lbs!), loves the dog park, his fuzzy dinosaur and chewing. He is very affectionate and a quick learner. He’ll do anything for more snuggles! Thank you so much

Monty (formerly Dumont)2017-03-20T11:51:41-06:00