2017 Grosvenor Dog Swim

The sixth annual Grosvenor Dog Swim on September 4 raised $1,947.82 for SCARS plus a stack of Canadian Tire money and a car full of donated food, toys and supplies! This was the best event to date with lots of participants and perfect weather. Thank you to the City of St. Albert for hosting the event at Grosvenor Outdoor Pool.

We are also grateful to Adrian Michelutti of Remax (Facebook and @adriansells.ca on Instagram). Adrian sponsored the event and invited Amy Sencal Photography (Facebook and @amysenecalphoto on Instagram) to provide free animal portraits to participants. Adrian also created an awesome video by putting a GoPro on his dog, Daisy.

Thank you as well to CTV Edmonton for their coverage and Scott Hayes of the St. Albert Gazette for writing a news story that encouraged people to attend. It was another really fun event!