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I’m Luna. One life down. Eight lives to go! I’m so lucky that SCARS is active in my town. After taking a beating from some neighbourhood dogs, I wasn’t in very good shape. A kind person rescued me and called SCARS to take me in. When I was at


Nova (formerly Silas)

Hi SCARS, Nova (he was Silas in SCARS care) wants to say Hi! We adopted him in April 2016. He’s been such a blessing to our family. He is absolutely amazing with our children and all their friends. He is a giant baby and spends every evening snuggling us

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Oogey-Boogey and Sally

Every Love Story is Beautiful, but Ours is my Favourite. We came from different places, but bad luck and good luck and the kindness of strangers brought us together. My new name is Oogey-Boogey and I am just a young kitten no more than 4 months old. Just over

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Let me introduce myself… a drum roll would be nice here! My name is Moose and, as my name suggests, I am a big guy with a big heart and a big personality. I am also a guy with a big problem. I have learned to look both ways


Smokey (formerly Koi)

Dear SCARS, We adopted Smokey, under the name Koi, in the spring of 2014. When we first met her we had driven to Edmonton from GP with our dog Bandit. Their introduction went poorly, to say the least. Smokey had been found living in a pack in a rural

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Joan Jett’s story

Joan Jett was previously adopted but recently returned to SCARS. She is a sweet, gentle dog that is only a year and a half old. But some dogs, it seems, don’t have the best luck. Best guess is that Sadie consumed a small object. Instead of creating a block

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Hi SCARS, I wanted to send an update on our puppy Ollie (aka “Olaf”). We adopted him through you guys in March of this year. He has grown into a sweet, cheeky, BEAUTIFUL dog. We constantly have strangers stopping us to tell us how good looking he is. I



Hello SCARS fans, it is me, Ryder! I am thankful to be in SCARS care and thankful that my home is in a great place like Alberta. You see I am probably a Boxer and Staffordshire Terrier Cross and I was found with an infected neck wound likely from