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Cody (formerly Petra)

I am the SCARS volunteer coordinator and I adopted Cody (previously Petra). All I know about Cody is that she had a rough few first years of her life. It is believed she lived outside and, unfortunately – for more than a year – with a broken back leg.

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Rocco’s rescue story

It takes a team of caring individuals working together to make any rescue happen – this is Rocco’s story. Late on the afternoon of Thursday, Sept. 22, two dedicated volunteers (Greg and Patsy) in one of our target communities noticed a dog in trouble. It was a normal workday

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Molly (previously Ella)

Molly (previously Ella) was rescued by SCARS along with her eight pups and taken to the Hinton SPCA. When I picked her up February 5 of this year, they had to carry her to put her in the back of my vehicle to bring home. She was stressed with

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Ellie (formerly Elf)

Hello SCARS! I adopted Ellie (formerly Elf) a year ago. She was originally adopted out as a puppy, but was unfortunately returned to SCARS through no fault of her own. But perhaps this was fate because it brought Ellie into my life. The first time I met Ellie she

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Astro (formerly Franklin)

Hello SCARS! It’s me, Franklin (now Astro)! Just checking in! I am all grown up now, though my humans would argue that! It’s been almost four years since I found my forever home! I am about to have my 4th birthday party. My Military Dad could have taken us

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Hi SCARS, Six months ago we brought Koda into our family, and she has been an amazing addition. Everyone in our house loves her, and she has settled in perfectly. I couldn’t ask for a better dog than Koda she loves attention more than anything and is always a



Hi SCARS, I just wanted to give an update on Oakley. She is doing great and fitting in so well with our family. She loves my 3-year-old daughter, our cat and our other dog Odin. When we first adopted her she was really thin and didn’t eat as much


Breevo – RIP

We have a very sad update about a dog that was part of our spay-neuter-return program. Breevo was a young, healthy dog that had been spayed by SCARS to reduce the number of unwanted pets in a northern community. We got a frantic call recently from her owner who

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Jordan’s story

Hi there, I’m Jordan! Nice to meet you all! I have a sad story to tell but just keep reading to the end and you’ll see it’s quickly getting better. Things are definitely looking up! I was found on Monday morning by a wonderful lady who, luckily, stopped to

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Checkers, Twister and Yahtze

We are four-month-old siblings and, unlike our new names, our lives have not been fun and games. We have learned a lot of lessons. Some very hard ones and some good ones in a very short time. First lesson. A garbage dump is no place for puppies. So many

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