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Hey SCARS! We have had Diamond with us since last September. She actually wasn’t one of the dogs we had planned to visit when we were looking for a new family member. She was suggested to us by the a SCARS volunteer. They asked my partner to take off



Hello SCARS! It’s hard to believe we’ve had Otter for nearly 6 months now. When we first met her, Otter was the runt of her litter and seemed fiercely independent of her siblings. Fast-forward to now, Otter has grown bigger than we ever expected and it looks as though


Hannah (formerly Crisp)

I wanted to send an update on my wonderful half corgi girl I adopted from SCARS. Hannah, formerly known as Crisp, was found with her litter and mother Apple. I don’t know too much about those first few weeks or how someone could ditch their pet and her offspring,

Hannah (formerly Crisp)2016-06-26T07:18:14-06:00


My name is Mia, and here I am napping in a sun room of my forever home. I am a very happy little girl. I moved to my new place last week and I have a big brother, Pan Kozky (formerly Bunchkin). He is a gentle giant, and such


Egg (formerly Spats)

When Egg (originally Spats but he likes his new name) first arrived to our home he was quite frightened of all the changes and the big giant dog that would not stop staring at him. But within a couple days he made himself comfortable on my bed and still

Egg (formerly Spats)2016-06-21T08:43:39-06:00

Cain and Abel

Hi there SCARS! Its been a while since I last sent you an update about the dogs. We adopted Cain and Abel as puppies June of 2007. The photo attached to this update was taken when they turned 9 years old last April. Although older, they are both in

Cain and Abel2016-06-19T16:23:27-06:00

Ezri (Formerly Maggie Mae)

Hi SCARS! June 13 marks one year since we adopted Ezri (Formerly Maggie Mae) from you! I thought I would send you a little update! Ezri has been an amazing addition to our lives. She loves cuddling on the couch during movies, going on adventures with her human pack

Ezri (Formerly Maggie Mae)2016-06-19T16:04:20-06:00