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You know, sometimes you just run out of luck, and that happened to me last weekend. I have lived in my community for quite a few years. I had a home that cared for me. They even had me neutered to keep me out of trouble. You could describe



Hi SCARS. When my forever parents brought me home I made them all earn my love, including that diva dog new sister of mine. I learned quickly that if I go inside the house I am rewarded with chicken — yup! I milked that perk for a day. Even


Digby (formerly Busby)

May 2016 – Hi SCARS. I thought I would share this photo of Digby. He has come along way. He is still nervous around people, but we are slowly overcoming that. Seeing him now you wouldn’t believe he once had a broken paw. The vet are surprised at how

Digby (formerly Busby)2016-05-22T12:43:26-06:00

Paul McCartney (formerly Ernie)

We adopted our Pyrenees-Retriever, named Ernie, from a SCARS adoption event at Lamont in late November 2014. Here is our long-overdue update on our boy, now called Paul McCartney. Paul immediately got along with his cat brothers, George Harrison and Lou Reed. He is actually the most submissive one

Paul McCartney (formerly Ernie)2016-05-21T11:43:32-06:00


On May 12, SCARS got a call from a rural community about a dog with a broken leg that was laying under a slide in a playground. Apparently, the dog had frightened a child. A SCARS volunteer went to the location and found Mattie. She took Mattie to the


Koa (aka Shirley)

Hey SCARS! It’s me Koa (aka Shirley) May 6 was my birthday, can you believe I’m one year old?!? I’m a happy girl lovin’ life and my new family. My favourite thing in the whole entire world (next to food) is going to the dog park and lying in

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Andromeda (formerly Q)

Hello SCARS! We adopted Andromeda (Andi for short) one year ago, and it remains the best decision we have ever made! She is one of the sweetest dogs. We go to the off leash park daily where she is known as “one of the nicest dogs you will ever

Andromeda (formerly Q)2016-05-14T14:43:19-06:00


Hi SCARS, I’m writing you as proud owner of SCARS dog (Rudy). I adopted him in 2009 and fell in love on the spot! Ru and I have had many adventures — running and hiking outside! I even wrote a song about him and strapped a GoPro to him


Please donate crates

All Albertans have been watching in horror as the Fort McMurray wildfire situation escalates. Like everyone, we are absolutely devastated for the people of Fort McMurray who were forced to evacuate. We are terrified for the pets that some people had to leave behind due to the unexpected urgency

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