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Maverick (formerly Dane)

Hi SCARS. Dane is doing great! We have changed his name to Maverick. He plays bouncy ball all day, goes to the dog park and out for walks, and he sleeps in our bed every night. Our 4-year-old and 15-year-old are both in love with him. We put the

Maverick (formerly Dane)2016-03-27T12:58:22-06:00

March 2016 Community Visits (My Girl's Story)

When SCARS visits rural communities, we have two goals. To intake homeless pets—focussing first on the ones in distress—and to improve the quality of life for owned pets. As resources allow, we also provide services to pet owners—including spay/neuter, deworming, vaccinations, microchip, and treatment of minor injuries, and supplies

March 2016 Community Visits (My Girl's Story)2016-03-20T20:59:21-06:00

Bentley (formerly Vinny)

Hi SCARS. It has only been about a month and a half since we adopted Bentley. I wanted everyone to know that he is doing great, is well loved and is a wonderful addition to our family. Bentley goes to daycare twice a week to socialize with other dogs.

Bentley (formerly Vinny)2016-03-13T16:15:49-06:00

Lyric (formerly Nyal)

Hi SCARS. Lyric here! You guys would know me as Nyal. I was just 4 months old when I got adopted and was only 16 kilograms. Now I’m 9 months old and 27 kilograms, and still growing! I’m a lucky puppy. I get to go to daycare during the

Lyric (formerly Nyal)2016-03-05T14:30:19-07:00

Chase (formerly Toad)

Hi SCARS, I’m Chase (formerly Toad). I am settling into my new home after a bit of a rough start in life. My Mom and Dad said I was pretty small for my breed. I’m pretty obviously a lab like my sister, but I have sure caught up now.

Chase (formerly Toad)2016-03-05T14:15:48-07:00

RIP Bailer

Hello SCARS. We adopted Bailer from you a number of years ago (I believe 6 or 7). He was a beautiful dog; quite the character! Bailer and our existing dog, Koda (our now much older dog) were inseparable. It is with great sadness that we recently had to put

RIP Bailer2016-03-05T13:48:59-07:00

Kumi (formerly Zora)

Hi SCARS! We can’t believe it’s been a year since Kumi joined our family! She’s been a hoot! She’s the most goofy, loving and playful dog you could imagine. She’s so eager to please. She caught on to all basic commands within a few weeks, and graduated to off

Kumi (formerly Zora)2016-03-05T10:38:36-07:00

RIP Cooper

Hi SCARS, It is with great sadness that we share that Cooper passed over the rainbow bridge on February 7, 2016. He was surrounded by us and his fur family as he left us.  Cooper joined us 10 years ago. He had been returned to SCARS several times. He

RIP Cooper2016-03-02T08:36:37-07:00