Monthly Archives: February 2016

Cooper (aka Jordan)

This is an update to let the SCARS group know how well our new dog Cooper (aka Jordan) has been doing over the last few months. Cooper (aka Jordan) came to us 5 months ago from SCARS and was very shy and nervous. She was a feral dog and

Cooper (aka Jordan)2016-02-28T13:51:56-07:00

Pita (formerly Rosetta)

Hi SCARS! Pita (formerly Rosetta) wanted to give you an update!… Hi, Pita here! I am dog-shaped love! You wouldn’t always know it by my big bark, though! I can’t help it! I LOVE to talk! Last year, on this very day, I was at 780 Kennels when Papa

Pita (formerly Rosetta)2016-02-28T13:18:24-07:00


Hi SCARS! Just got groomed…. Hi from Vancouver island! I was adopted from SCARS in March 2009. Since then I have lived in Fort McMurray and then on to the island. Love the fact that I can stop and smell the flowers already… Johnnie


Boo (formerly Bindie)

Hi SCARS, it’s me Boo (formerly Bindie)! It’s been almost 4 months since my adoption and life is amazing. For a dog with such a rough start, I have it pretty good now – I even have my own chair. I’m about to start puppy training. However, my humans

Boo (formerly Bindie)2016-02-28T12:53:06-07:00

Pistol (formerly Little Lamb)

Hi SCARS and Myrna! It’s me Pistol! You may remember me as little Lamb. My huMom and Dad came to meet me when I was 7 weeks old, and I picked them right away. I curled into mom’s lap and stayed there for most of their meeting. A week later,

Pistol (formerly Little Lamb)2016-02-28T12:30:06-07:00