1,114 pets helped in 2017 (including 105 SNR)

Along with the 1,114 dogs and cats that we took in this year, SCARS also managed to SNR (spay neuter return) 105 additional animals. SNR is a service we offer to members of our partner communities who don’t have easy access to veterinary care. They want to help us reduce pet overpopulation and agree to let us spay or neuter their dogs and cats. Quite often we will get a pregnant mom or a mom with pups/kittens with the understanding that the mom will be spayed and returned to the community. The pups or kittens stay with SCARS to be vetted and adopted to forever homes.

Once an animal is part of our SNR program, the owners are provided with an insulated shelter and food is supplied as needed. We’ve seen the difference that this sort of service makes in our communities both to the animals and to their owners.

SNR is not cheap for us. Every animal is vaccinated, dewormed and microchipped along with a spay or neuter before being deliverd back to their home. If you would like to donate towards our SNR program, please click on donate. Funds can be directed in any way you wish. Thank-you for helping us to provide healthier and safer communities for animals and their people.